Reason 10: Recording Audio

Applies to: All audio interfaces 

Recording into Reason 10 is quite straightforward as with most other recording software platforms. Though it looks a little bit different than some of the traditional software programs, Reason still makes recording audio pretty simple to accomplish.

There are several ways to record audio into Reason using different utilities and a combination of several of them. This tutorial article covers the process in a very simple guideline without getting to far into the use of combining other utilities.

Focusrite Audio Interface used in this tutorial is the Scarlett 2i2 (2nd Gen) 

The first thing we want to do is make sure we select the corresponding Focusrite Audio Interface. Access the PREFERENCES menu (found under the EDIT drop-down window):


Next make sure to select Focusrite USB ASIO from the AUDIO tab's drop-down window (drivers for different Focusrite Audio Interfaces may appear slightly differently):


Now that we have set up our audio device, we are ready to setup our Reason project.

By default your empty Reason project will consist of 2 modules:

1. Hardware Interface 
2. Master Section


 We are going to add two additional utilities:

3. Mixer


4.  Audio Track


*Audio Track Output defaults to Master Section


Finally set the track to MONO when recording microphones, Guitar, Bass or any any source that outputs a mono signal.


Files recorded to the Reason project will be recorded to the Audio Tracks. Open your Sequencer Window to view these:


The Mixer was added for ease of use when recording if you want to create a "group" or "sub mix" for all of your inputs. This is very essential when you are inputting sources other than just vocals. All you need to do is manually route the Audio Tracks to the Mixer and now you'll be able to mix all of the material down to one stereo track.

One Audio Track routed to Mixer:


Four Audio Tracks routed to mixer:



Tutorial Video:

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