Which interfaces can I use in standalone mode without a computer?

Applies to: Scarlett 1st/2nd/3rd gens, Clarett, Saffire, Red

The following interfaces from each range can be used in standalone mode, without a computer:


  • Scarlett 6i6 1st/2nd Gen
  • Scarlett 8i6 3rd Gen 
  • Scarlett 18i8 1st/2nd/3rd Gen
  • Scarlett 18i20 1st/2nd/3rd Gen


  • All Claretts can be used in standalone mode using the included power supply.


  • Pro 14
  • Pro 24
  • Pro 24 DSP
  • Pro 26
  • Pro 40
  • Liquid Saffire 56

For information on how to set these devices up in standalone please see these articles:

How do I set up my Clarett or Scarlett 2nd Gen for Standalone Mode?
How do I set up my Saffire or Scarlett 1st Gen for Standalone Mode?

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