I see the message "My device has no input or output controls" in System Preferences under Sound

Applies to: all products
Mac Operating Systems

When selecting a Focusrite interface as the input and output device in System Preferences > Sound on Mac OS X, a message stating 'This device has no input/output controls' will be displayed at the bottom of the scree for both tabs:



This message is a reminder that the Mac computer consists of zero control for the signals coming in and routed through and out from the Focusrite devices. In other words, Mac will not be able to boost or attenuate signals when the Focusrite interfaces are set as the primary devices in System Preferences under Sound. All signals going in and coming out are controlled by the Focusrite hardware directly.

In addition to this, the speaker icon in the Menu Bar will be greyed out if you have this icon enabled and visible.

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