Saffire 6 USB Troubleshooting Guide

My Saffire won't connect to my computer - the USB light does not light

- Please ensure that you have the latest driver installed for your Saffire 6 USB before connecting it. The latest driver is available from here.

- You may not have enough bandwidth on your USB bus - try disconnecting all other USB devices. If this helps and you wish to continue using your other devices you may need to purchase an extra USB adapter to run your Saffire 6 USB.

- There may be a fault with your USB port, try connecting the Saffire 6 USB to a different port. 

- There may be a fault with your USB cable, try using a different cable.

I am not getting any audio signal in my recording software

- Ensure that you have the gain turned up to a sufficient level for your microphone.

- Ensure that you have the +48V Phantom Power switch on if you are using a condensor microphone.

- Ensure that you have the Saffire 6 USB device/driver selected in your recording software.

- Ensure that you have the correct input selected in your recording software. (Please note: you may need to 'record arm' a channel before any input signal appears)

- Check that you microphone and cable are functioning correctly - try changing them.

I can't hear any sound playing back from my computer

- Ensure that your Saffire 6 USB is selected as the output device in your DAW or operating system sound settings (for system sounds).

- Ensure that the output channels that you are using correspond to the output numbers you are using on the back of the Saffire 6 USB.

- Ensure that the 'Monitor' volume dial has been turned up.

- If you are using headphones and are outputting audio to channels 1 and 2, check that the O/P 3/4 switch is not engaged under the headphone volume dial.

- Check that your cables and speakers are working correctly. Try changing them or using them with another audio output.

I can hear my microphone when listening to music through my Saffire 6 USB and don't want to

- You have the mixer dial set to allow input signals to be heard. Turn it all the way round to the right to hear playback audio only.

I am only getting audio output in one speaker when using the phono outputs

- The phono outputs are grouped into two stereo pairs - 1/2 and 3/4. Please ensure that you have your left channel connected to 1 or 3 and your right channel connected to 2 or 4.

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