Scarlett 3rd Gen | 'USB C' to 'USB C' connectivity

Applies to: Scarlett 3rd Gen (all models) 

Upon purchasing a Scarlett 3rd Gen interface, you will find a 'USB C' to 'USB A' included in the box. If your computer features a 'USB A' connection, use this to connect the device to the computer. 

If your computer has an newer style 'USB C' port (pictured below), you can use a 'USB C' to 'USB C' cable (not supplied). 


If needing to use a 'USB C' to 'USB C' cable, we would recommend using one of the following as we have tested these with the Scarlett 3rd Gen interfaces and have found no connectivity or performance issues; 

  • Amazon Basics | 0.15m 
  • Amazon Basics | 0.9m
  • Amazon Basics | 1.8m
  • Amazon Basics | 2.7m
  • ANKER | 1.8m

Amazon Basics cable link;

ANKER cable link;


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