Focusrite iOS Control || My interface isn't appearing in the app!

Applies to: Focusrite iOS Control, Scarlett 6i6 + 18i8 + 18i20 (2nd Generation), Clarett Range, Red Range

Focusrite Control for iOS relies on a stable WiFi connection in order to communicate between your iDevice and your computer. If your interface isn't showing up when you try to use the app, or you're experiencing frequent disconnections, you may wish to check the following troubleshooting steps:

- Do you have the latest version of Focusrite Control (desktop) installed on your computer? You can obtain the latest version from the Downloads page for your compatible interface here.

- Do you have the latest version of the Focusrite iOS Control app? If not, please install this from the App Store application on your iDevice.

- Have you ensured that both the computer running the Focusrite Control desktop app and the iDevice you're using are connected to the same WiFi network? If they are already and you're experiencing disconnections, is your router quite far away from the computer/iDevice? The further away the wireless router, the weaker the signal.

- If both devices are already connected to the same WiFi network, are they on the same subnet? When using almost all 'home' routers this will be done automatically and should only be an issue if you have a more complex network set up.

- Do you have any Firewall/Anti-Virus software running that could potentially be blocking the connection? The best way to check this is to temporarily disable any such software and check if this fixes the issue. If it does, you can then add Focusrite Control as an exception (steps for Mac FireWall and Windows FireWall below). Please note that 3rd party Firewall/Anti-Virus software may not have the same layout as below, if in doubt consult the software manufacturer.


Configure Mac Firewall

- Open System Preferences

- Go to 'Security and Privacy' and navigate to the 'Firewall' tab

- Click 'Firewall options' (Note: if this is greyed out, click the Lock symbol in the bottom left corner and enter your computer password first)

- Locate 'Focusrite Control' and 'Focusrite Control Server' in the list, then set these to 'Allow incoming connections'

- Press OK

Configure Windows Firewall

- Open Control Panel

- Navigate to 'System and Security'

- Select 'Windows Firewall'

- Click 'Allow an app through Windows Firewall'

- Ensure that the checkboxes next to 'Focusrite Control' are ticked

- Click OK


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