Saffire (Legacy) Troubleshooting

Applies to: Legacy Saffire Range

My Saffire is displaying only the amber (Inst) LEDs and I cannot change them.
Opening up panel SaffireControl gives me the message "Connection to Saffire lost. Please check FireWire connection".

This usually means that the Saffire is unable to establish a connection with the computer. Please check out the following article which details ways of solving connection difficulties:
Saffire Product Troubleshooting - Connection Difficulties

I can record signal from a mic through my Saffire and into my DAW, however I am unable to hear any playback.

Check that:
- The Saffire is selected as the output device in your DAW audio settings.
- You have selected a pair of Saffire outputs on the track in your DAW that you wish to monitor. Check your DAW's user guide for more info on this.
- The SaffireControl routing. For easy troubleshooting, click on the "Track" button to load up a default snapshot which routes all audio streams to all outputs.
- The master monitor knobs are turned up in the SaffireControl. These are controlled by the circular dial at the bottom of each output pair column. Note, if Hardware control is enabled (the blue H button, which is one of the 5 buttons around each master monitor knob) you will need to ensure that the hardware monitor knob on the Saffire unit itself has been turned up.
- The software Mute button (again, one of the 5 buttons around each master monitor knob) is not engaged.
- The hardware Mute button on the front of the Saffire unit itself is not engaged.
- If using headphones, make sure the headphones volume knob on the front of the Saffire unit is also turned up.
- Your cables are working correctly - try changing them.

If you are still unable to get any sound, it may be that the buffer is set too low.
Check the Saffire Product Troubleshooting - Connection Difficulties article for more information on this.

How do I get sound out of the headphones?
Please view the article on Why can't I get any sound through my headphones using my Saffire? for set-up information regarding the headphone outputs.

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