Why can't I get any sound through my headphones using my Saffire (white-faced Saffire only)?

Article Applies to: Legacy Saffire (white-faced)

If you cannot get any sound out of your headphones, either from the inputs, or playing back from a computer, please try the following steps:

1. Press the “Track” button. This will activate tracking (or recording) mode, where the Saffire outputs can be used to monitor a mix of inputs. All crossfaders will be in a central position and all of the inputs will be routed to all of the outputs. This should enable you to hear any audio entering the Saffire through the analogue inputs.

2. Please ensure that the output levels are all turned up sufficiently, both in the software and on the hardware. If hardware control is turned on (the button marked “H” in each output section), the level in your Saffire software will be controlled by the “Monitor” control on the front of your Saffire. It is worth noting at this stage that the headphone outputs are outputs 5/6 (Headphone output 1) and outputs 7/8 (Headphone output 2). You also need to ensure that the output is not dimmed or muted, that no other channels are soloed, and that the headphone output level is turned up on the front of your Saffire.

3. If you still can’t hear anything, please download Settings File 1, and load it up in Saffire Control.

4. Have you checked your headphones on another device to confirm that they are not faulty?

If you can get sound out of your headphones from your inputs, but not from your computer, please go through the following steps:

1. Have you got your Saffire selected as the Audio Input/Output device on your computer and/or your software? If you are unsure, please consult the manual for the software that you are using.

2. Are you sending Audio to the correct outputs on the Saffire? It is worth noting that the headphone outputs are outputs 5/6 (Headphone output 1) and outputs 7/8 (Headphone output 2).

3. To hear sound being played back from your computer; you will need to ensure that the input/playback balance control is set to playback. This is the horizontal slider in each output section, and it needs to be set to its right-hand position.

(NB: Pressing the “S/CARD” button in Saffire Control will set each output pair’s crossfader to the extreme right position and route audio channels to their respective outputs on the Saffire, as outlined in the above 2 stages)

4. If you still cannot hear any playback sound, please download Settings File 2 and load it up in Saffire Control, ensuring that the sound from your computer is being played back either on channels 5/6 (Headphone output 1) or 7/8 (Headphone output 2).

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact Focusrite Technical Support here.

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