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Clarett Windows Compatibility

UPDATE: Driver availability information can be found here

We would like to take this opportunity to provide some advice on Windows compatibility with the Clarett interfaces. If you already have a PC with a Thunderbolt port fitted as standard, it will most likely be ready to use once we are ready to release the proper drivers for Windows. However, if you plan to buy a PCIe card to obtain Thunderbolt connectivity, you will need to find a card which is compatible with your motherboard - please consult your motherboard vendor or PC manufacturer for details on which card to buy and how to install and configure appropriately as Focusrite may not be able to support you with this.

Due to the vast range of possible hardware combinations, our approach for Thunderbolt support on Windows is to qualify specific systems.  We are currently testing with the following machines:


  • HP ZBook
  • Molten Technology Intel X99 based machine


NOTE: we have also been testing the driver with a Lenovo Thinkpad W541 and have seen problems. We would therefore not recommend this machine for use with the Clarett range.

Unlike USB or Firewire protocols, Thunderbolt hardware and drivers require approval from Intel and Apple. Our assertion is that once we have a fully tested driver it will work with all other approved Thunderbolt systems. Although we would like to, it is impossible for us to test every Thunderbolt ready PC in the field, which is why we need to rely on this assertion to a certain extent. However based on this, in theory the Clarett's should work on any approved Thunderbolt equiped PC.

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