Do the line inputs on my interface bypass the Mic Preamps?

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When connecting to the combo XLR/jack inputs using a 1/4 inch jack cable on a Focusrite interface the signal goes through the variable gain section of the preamp circuit, allowing the user to set the input level of their line level audio sources. Due to the transparent nature of our preamps, however, this does not colour the signal. On Clarett/Red interfaces, we would recommend switching 'Air' mode off if you wish to get the most transparent signal possible.
There is some attenuation and gain available on the line signal, which may benefit users if they are using a unit that sends a very hot or not hot enough signal for their liking.

Some of our interfaces also include 1/4 inch jack (TRS) line inputs that do not pass through a variable gain circuit. These inputs instead pass through a fixed-gain line amplifier circuit.
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