Can I use my bus powered Scarlett with iPad?

Applies to: Scarlett (Both generations) Solo, 2i2, 2i4

 The Scarlet 2i2 is a class compliant audio interface. This means that it can use the core audio driver built into iOS. While not officially tested or supported, we would expect a Scarlett 2i2 to work with an iPad.

In addition to the included USB cable, in order to connect your 2i2 to an iPad, you will need:

You should connect the devices in the following order:

  1. Scarlett 2i2 to powered USB hub via USB
  2. USB hub to official camera adapter via USB
  3. Camera adapter to iPad

Once connected, you should be able to use your 2i2 as an output and input device for your iPad.

Please note that the above instructions apply only to iPads models that feature a lightning connector.

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