How to Activate and Install the Red Plugin Suite

Red Plugin Suite

Please follow this guide if you are having any problems installing or activating the Red Plugin Suite.

Before we get started please be sure you have created an account in our customer portal and registered your product here:

After you have registered your product, this will place a Red Plugin Suite activation code into your 'My Software' section in your account.


Click on the black bar to access your activation code and the download link.

Before you click the download link I suggest copying and pasting your code somewhere you can find it easily or open the link in another tab in your browser so you can find the code later.

When brought to the downloads page, please click the black bar that says 'Software' and click the Download button for either Mac or Windows. 



Installation for Mac:

Find the downloaded Red Plugin Suite file in your 'Downloads' folder and run the installers.

Double click the file 'Red 2 & Red 3 Plug-in Suite Installer.pkg


Then it will walk you through the installation process. 


After installation, open up your preferred DAW and open either the Red 2 EQ or the Red 3 Compressor. Once you activate one, you will activate both of them. 

When you open the plugin in your DAW you will be prompted to enter your email address associated with your Focusrite account and the code on your software page located on the Red Plugin Suite banner where we went to redeem the plugin.



Installation for Windows: 

On the download page for the Red Plugin Suite choose the download for 'Red Plug-in Suite 1.1 (Windows)

The installer should automatically download into your computer. If you are not using Google Chrome, you can find this download in your download folder.

When the installer is finished downloading, open it and run the installer. 


Follow the steps until the final step and select 'Install' and the program should download to your computer. If you are having trouble finding the file, please go to 'File Explorer' and go to your downloads folder. 

From there, you can go to your DAW of choice, open the plugin and enter in your email and activation code found under your 'My Software' tab in your customer portal. 







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