How do I record in Adobe Audition on Windows using a Focusrite interface?

Applies to: Scarlett (all generations), Clarett USB, Clarett Thunderbolt, Saffire

For this article I will be using a Scarlett 2i2 to demonstrate the basics of recording into Audition, however, the below setup will be similar for all Focusrite interfaces.

Upon opening Audition, navigate to the Edit menu > Preferences > Audio Hardware and open this.


Ensure the Device Class is set to ASIO and the Device to Focusrite USB ASIO (or the specific driver for your interface - it may be named differently).


Click OK to close this dialog box. Then click on Multitrack in the top left of the application to create a new Multitrack Project.


Ensure the sample rate of the project is set to the same as the sample rate your interface is set to.

Clicking OK will add a number of audio tracks to the Editor window. Depending on the source you're recording you can set whether each audio track will record two channels (Stereo) or one channel (Mono) of audio. If you were just recording a vocalist with a single microphone, for example, you would set the input to Mono and then select the number of the corresponding input you're using on the interface (in this case Input 1):


Lastly, ensure that Record Enable (R) is turned On for the track you wish to record onto. If you wish to listen to what you're recording back from Audition, also ensure Input Monitor (I) is turned on for the tracks you're recording onto.


You are now ready to record - press the Record button on Audition's transport section


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