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Clarett 2Pre USB - Bus Power Update

Applies to: Clarett 2Pre USB only

 As of 12th Feb 2018, the Clarett USB 2Pre USB interface can be bus powered* after updating the firmware to build 1246 via Focusrite Control 2.3.3 or later.

* For the bus power functionality to work, you must be;

  • Running Mac OS 10.13 or above / Windows 10 Creators Update or above
  • Using the supplied USB C to USB C cable
  • Connecting the Clarett 2Pre USB to one of the following compatible ports;
  USB A  7.5W USB-C port 15W USB-C port Thunderbolt 3 
Mac No  No Yes Yes
PC No  No  Yes  Yes 


Does the USB C port on my system output 7.5W or 15W?

  • Mac – all Macs that have Type C ports will output 15W except for the one found on the 12” Macbook (this only outputs 7.5W)
  • PC – whilst the majority of type C ports will output 15W, the best way to tell is to check with your PC’s manufacturer / USB port manufacturer.


If you require any further information on this, our Tech Support team can be contacted HERE

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