Red Range | Input Routing explanation

Applies to: Red 4Pre/8Pre/16Line

It's possible to change the order of the input channels on the Red 4Pre and Red 8Pre (note that this was not possible immediately from launch with the Red 4Pre and was added in Focusrite Control 2.1.7 and later). This allows for custom input mapping so that you can decide the order in which input channels are sent to your DAW.

This can be accomplished from the 'Input Routing' tab in Focusrite Control (please note that the interface must be connected to a computer via a Thunderbolt connection). 

From this tab, the ordering of the inputs can be changed for each sample rate band independently (44.1/48kHz, 88.2/96kHz, 176.4/192kHz).

For example, you may wish to match the input/output ordering to accommodate hardware inserts in Pro Tools, or to place particular channels before input 33 so that they can be used in the non-HD version of Pro Tools (which is limited to the first 32 inputs/output on any device).

In the screenshot below the ordering has been adjusted so that the Dante inputs come first, so that they can be recorded using the non-HD version of Pro Tools. Inputs 1-32 in a DAW will now correspond with Dante inputs 1-32.

After each change is made, the settings are saved to the hardware and so are applied in both Thunderbolt mode and Pro Tools HD mode.

Routings (along with mic preamp settings and output routing configurations) can be saved as part of a Focusrite Control 'Snapshot' on your computer, to be recalled at another time. To do this, create your custom routing, then navigate to File > Save Snapshot. To recall a previously saved Snapshot, go to File > Open Snapshot.


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