How to I change buffer size in Pro Tools | First

In this article we'll look at how to change the buffer size within Pro Tools | First.

You may wish to change your buffer size for two reasons:

1) If your roundtrip latency is too high during recording, you may wish to reduce your buffer size.

2) If your audio is glitching, you may wish to increase your buffer size to relieve strain on the CPU and achieve clean audio again.

An in-depth article on this subject can be found HERE 

In order to change the buffer size in Pro Tools | First, see the below steps:

1) Ensure that your Scarlett interface is set as the default audio device within the Playback Engine. When you first install and open Pro Tools | First, this will automatically open for you. However if you ever want to revisit the Playback Engine select the 'Setup' menu at the top of your screen -> Playback Engine.

The Pro Tools | First Playback Engine will allow you to choose between two preset buffer sizes, ‘Record’ (64 samples) and ‘Playback’ (512). Select the option that best suits your current usage and select 'OK'. 

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