How many computers can I install Pro Tools | First Focusrite Creative Pack on?

Pro Tools | First Focusrite Creative Pack comes bundled with 2nd Generation Scarlett interfaces. This can be installed on up to three computers at a time.

To install Pro Tools First on additional computers, simply download and run the installer from your Avid account on the new system. Once the installation is complete, open the iLok License Manager program, then sign into your iLok account. You should see your Pro Tools First license listed here, which you can then drag onto your computer in the left sidebar under 'Local' to license the new computer.

What if I've used all 3 activations?

It's possible to install on additional computers after this by deactivating previous ones. This can only be done from the computer that you no longer wish to use Pro Tools First with and can be accomplished by deactivating the license using iLok License Manager as per the screenshot below.

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