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I cannot change my Scarlett sample rate within Windows

Applies to: Scarlett 2nd Generation

With the release of the new Scarlett 2nd Gen USB Driver, once installed, you will notice that the only sample rate options found within Windows -> Sound -> Playback Devices is the sample rate currently selected for the Scarlett Interface (and the various bit-rates within that, 16bit, 24bit etc).

In order to change this, you will need to change the sample rate that the Scarlett is currently set to. You can do this by opening the Scarlett USB driver control panel, this is located in:

Computer Hard Drive -> Program Files -> FocusriteUSB -> ASIO Control Panel

Once you change the sample rate within this panel, you will then notice further options within the Playback Devices sample rate menu.

Please note that this does NOT apply to the 1st Generation Scarlett interfaces (serial number beginning with an 'S').

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