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How can I improve latency using my 2nd Gen Scarlett on Mac

Applies to: Scarlett 2nd Gen

We have developed a small app (found here, for known issues please see below) that allows Mac users to improve their 2nd Gen Scarlett round-trip latency by approximately 1m/s (system dependent). This app will not install on Windows PCs.

The Scarlett (2nd Gen.) Low Latency Installer installs a file that alters the audio buffer of the Mac Core Audio driver in order to further reduce latency.  Please note that a system restart will be needed before the alterations take effect whether you are installing or uninstalling. 

Glitchy Audio:

Please note that lower buffer sizes are more demanding on your CPU, therefore depending on your Mac system spec, buffer size in your DAW session, sample rate settings and other contributing factors, it is possible that you may experience audio glitches after installing.

If this happens we recommend that you return to the default Mac core audio driver buffer settings by running the uninstaller contained in Low Latency Installer file, then restarting your computer. Please note that a system restart will be needed before the alterations take effect.

Known issues:

- The low latency installer is not supported for use with 1st generation Scarletts and may prevent them from functioning properly.

- We are aware of an issue that can cause kernel panics when the low latency installer is used with some macOS Sierra systems. If your macOS Sierra system crashes when connecting a Scarlett, please follow the steps below to remove the kext file while this is investigated.

If you wish to uninstall the low latency application due to the behaviour mentioned above, we know of a minor issue where the uninstaller will not work unless your OSX Security & Privacy settings 'allow apps downloaded from anywhere'.

To action this change, navigate to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> change 'Allow Apps Downloaded from...' to 'Anywhere'. You may need to select the padlock in the lower left of the window to allow this change.

If you do not wish to make this change to your Security & Privacy settings, then you can delete the apps 'kext' file manually from the following location:

Mac HD -> System -> Library -> Extensions -> Scarlett2ndGen.kext

Once deleted, then empty your trash and restart your machine.

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