Is my Scarlett interface in 16 bit, or 24 bit on Windows?

Applies to: Scarlett (whole range)

When using the WDM driver, 16-bit or 24-bit modes can be selected from the Windows Sound panel (right-click on the device and select Properties > Advanced to find this setting). However, this setting has absolutely no effect when recording using the ASIO driver, which users should always use in DAWs, due it's its low latency and increased performance over WDM (Windows' own audio driver).

The audio stream captured from our hardware is always 24-bit samples. These samples are not altered or processed in any way by the driver when recording. The Windows audio control panel may say the device is in 16 bit mode, but the ASIO driver bypasses the Windows audio system, and is therefore not affected by this setting.

Therefore, using 24 bit depth in your recording software, while using the ASIO driver, is still 24 bit when recording/creating, where 24 bit actually matters.

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