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How do the headphone outputs work on the Scarlett 18i20?

This applies to the Scarlett 18i20 and Saffire Pro 40

The headphone outputs on the 18i20 share their source audio with whatever is assigned to Line Output 7 and 8 (for Headphone Output 1) and Line Output 9 and 10 (for Headphone Output 2).

This means that anything assigned to Line Output 7 in MixControl will come out of output 7 on the back of the unit, as well as the left headphone channel for Headphone Output 1. The same thing goes for Line Output 8, with output 8 on the back and the right headphone channel of Headphone Output 1. And the same thing applies for Line Output 9 and 10 with the left and right headphone channels of Headphone Output 2.

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