Reaper setup guide

This guide will explain the necessary steps to get your Focusrite interface set up for recording and playback with Reaper on both Windows and Mac systems.

1. First, you will need to specify which audio device Reaper uses for inputs and outputs. On a Mac, this can be done by going to Reaper > Preferences > Audio > Device. On Windows, please navigate to Options > Preferences > Device.

2. In this menu, select the device that you wish to use. On Mac systems, this will be the name of the interface, on Windows it will be the name of the driver. On Windows systems, ensure that you are selecting 'ASIO' as the driver type. You can also set your sample rate in this menu. Once everything is set up, click OK.

*Note that on Windows systems you also need to select what range of inputs/outputs you wish to be selectable in the "Enable inputs" and "Output range" sections.

3. In the main window, go to Track > Insert New Track to add an audio track.

4. Select the track's input from the dropdown menu. This must correspond to the input that you have your microphone/line source/instrument connected to on your interface. For example, if your microphone is connected to the first input on your interface, select the first available input.

5. Set the track's output from the routing menu. To access this menu, click the I/O button on the track. By default, the outputs will be sent to outputs 1 and 2 on your device. If you wish to change this, select the output(s) you wish to use from the 'Parent channels' dropdown menu and also add the corresponding output(s) in the Hardware Outputs section.

6. Record enable the track, then press the record button in the transport bar. Click the stop button to stop the recording, then click the Play button to listen back.

7. To export your recording as an audio file, go to File > Render. Choose the destination that you wish the file to be saved to, then click Render. Alternatively, to save your Reaper session simply go to File > Save.


If you have any problems setting up your Focusrite interface in any DAW, please Contact Technical Support

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