FireWire safety when plugging and unplugging your FireWire devices

The IEEE 1394 specification for FireWire states that FireWire devices should be ‘hot-pluggable’ (FireWire devices can be plugged in and out while the computer is on). Despite this, unplugging and plugging in devices when your computer is on can lead to FireWire chip failures which will prevent your unit being able to connect to your computer.

FireWire chip failures can happen for a number of reasons. All of Focusrite’s FireWire units adhere to the IEEE 1394 standard however it may be the case that the FireWire port on your computer motherboard or FireWire card does not. This can lead to damage from hot-plugging.

Other FireWire chip failure causes include putting the connector in the wrong way round, putting it in at an angle or using a low quality or damaged FireWire cable. These can all apply even if your FireWire adapter and device adhere to the IEEE 1394 standard.

To help prevent permanent damage, we would recommend that you take the following steps when connecting and disconnecting your FireWire device:

When connecting your unit(s)

- Ensure that the Computer is turned OFF
- Ensure that the device is turned OFF
- Connect your device
- Turn ON your device
- Turn ON your computer 

- Turn ON your Monitor Speakers

When disconnecting your unit(s)

- Shut down control software
- Turn OFF your Monitor Speakers
- Turn OFF your device
- Disconnect your device

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