How to use DigiCo SD Series MADI outputs with the RedNet 6 or D64R

Applies to: RedNet 6 and D64R

The DigiCo SD series uses two distinct types of MADI formats: SD/DigiRack MADI which contains control information on channel 57 and Standard MADI which does not contain the control information.

When using a DigiCo MADI output to send to a RedNet 6 or D64R, the Standard MADI format needs to be used.  This is labelled 'Std MADI' on their Consoles and Stage racks.  Each MADI port has it's own setting for this, so only the MADI output connected to the RedNet 6 or D64R needs to be in the Std MADI format, allowing MADI connections between the consoles and stage racks to remain in the SD/DigiRack MADI format and continue sending control data to each other.

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