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How to control the RedNet MP8Rs Mic Pre’s from Pro Tools

Applies to: RedNet MP8R


1. In RedNet Control, open the Preferences and make sure the MIDI settings match the screenshot below:


Ensure that the correct network interface is selected as the screenshot may not reflect the one in use. 


2. Next, click the wrench icon for the MP8R in RedNet Control to bring up its settings dialog and assign a MIDI channel (for this example I’m using channel 1)




3. Now open ProTools and go to the MIDI Input Devices dialog, make sure the RedNet MIDI port is enabled.





4. Now open the Peripherals dialog box and go to the MicPre tab and assign the MIDI port/channel that will be used as shown below:





5.  The next step is to associate the MicPres with the I/O channels that they will correspond with



6. Finally, make sure the MicPre portion of the mix window is enabled



If you are still experiencing issues please feel free to contact support. 

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