Getting started with the Balancer Equaliser plug in

Balancer is an intelligent corrective tool designed to help you improve your sound. Utilising sonible’s smart:engine, the plug-in analyses your audio material and computes an intelligent filter curve to improve the balance of your sound.

On first use, you will need to enter a valid activation code to unlock the plug-in. This can be found in the “My Software” section of your customer account page.

 When you load the plug-in onto a track, select a profile from the dropdown menu to tell the plug-in what kind of instrument or voice it is handling. If you don’t find a profile that matches your audio material, you can simply use the “Universal” profile.

Next, press “Learn” and start the audio playback. The smart:engine will now listen to the audio material and compute a filter curve to optimally balance the sound.

Once this is complete, you can choose between the 3 different flavours:

  • Warm - aims to create a vintage sound, where mid-frequencies tend to be favoured over highs and high mids.
  • Neutral - a default setting based on the original settings from the smart:engine.
  • Bright – creates a bright sound, boosting highs and affecting the mids to further accentuate the highs.


Moving the “Intensity” slider will increase or decrease the impact of the computed filter. A small line marks the default settings suggested by the smart:engine.

You can access the profiles with the dropdown menu:


Please note that each time a profile is selected, the smart:engine will re-compute the smart filter curve based on the new profile.

The spectral analyser indicates the impact of the smart filter curve: the more intense the colour, the more the frequency band is affected.


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