Why Does Focusrite Control State “Output Routing is not Supported on this Device”?

Applies to: Scarlett Solo and 2i2 3rd Gen

 With compatible units Focusrite Control is the application used to adjust hardware settings, such as enabling “Air” mode or toggling between “Line” and “Instrument” inputs.

With some of our larger interfaces, Focusrite Control can also be used to adjust the routing of signals to the outputs.

On the Scarlett Solo and 2i2 3rd Gen the Output Routing section in Focusrite Control doesn’t have any function. Since these units only have 2 outputs available, stereo playback from software will automatically route to the stereo outputs on the interface.

Enabling Direct Monitor by pressing the Direct Monitor button on these interfaces will also route the hardware inputs directly to the outputs. There is therefore no need to route outputs using Focusrite Control.


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