Why Is My SM7/Dynamic Microphone Too Quiet In My DAW?

Applies to: All Interfaces

Explanation of the circumstances:

Not all microphones are made equal and many are designed with specific use cases or preamps in mind. In the case of this article, the most common query is using an 'insensitive' dynamic microphone and not getting enough level. These microphones are designed for a balanced smooth sound or for handling high input levels from loud sources, something which dynamic mics excel at.  

These questions often come up relating to the Shure SM7B, as they are a popular choice for recording voice, but this can affect many dynamic microphones

Why might you use these microphones?

Why our interfaces don't provide enough level

Other mics that can be affected: RE20, M201, MD421

How to resolve this: Record accoridng to this article (how high), use an inline boost.

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