Pro Tools First - Enable Cloud Functionality Error

Error: Sign-in to Pro Tools First was not successful. Please visit to learn how you can enable cloud functionality for your account.

* This error displays when the Pro Tools First license has not been activated in the iLok License Manager.

1. Please download and install the iLok License Manager application if you have not done so.

Download on the iLok website here

2. Install the iLok License Manager.

3. Open the iLok License Manager and sign in to your account. The username will be your email and the password will be the same password you used for your AVID account.

4. Once logged in, please click on 'All Licenses' and then click on the Pro Tools First License, like on the screenshot below.


5. Next, click on 'Activate' on the right-hand column and select an activation location, then click on the 'Activate' button. Refer to the screenshot below.


6.  When you relaunch Pro Tools First again, the error will have disappeared and you will be able to proceed with logging in and setting up your session.

*AVID's article on the same issue can be found here.

 If you still need help, please contact technical support here. 






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