Using Sonarworks Systemwide with your Focusrite audio interface - what to do when you have no sound?

When you install the Sonarworks Reference 4 software it will install a program for use on all audio on your system. 

This software acts as a virtual audio output device and once installed, sets itself to be the default audio output of your system. 

Using Sonarworks through the Focusrite interface:

By default, Reference 4 will choose the internal sound card of the computer to play audio from. You can change this by using the settings menu within the program:


Then select the desired audio device: 


Note that we have seen some behaviour where toggling between the devices has allowed audio to start working through a device. 

Disabling the Systemwide software on startup:

This section covers how to stop the software launching with your computer so you won't need to change the default device on boot. 


Click the Apple symbol in the top left and go to System Preferences, and then go to Users and Groups:


Then click on your account and go to your Login Items, select Reference 4 and click the Minus button to remove it:



Right-click the Windows Start Icon in the bottom left and go to task manager and clock more details:


Then go to Startup, select Sonarworks and click Disable:


You'll see its then disabled:


If you are still having issues please contact technical support by clicking here.


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