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Plug In Collective March offer - Sonarworks

This article will explain how to claim the Sonarworks plugin collective offer of the 6-month trial  Reference 4 Plug In, including the activation and installation process. This is the Focusrite Plug In Collective offer for March/April. 

If you would prefer to watch a video click here. 

If you are having issues getting audio after installing the plugin please consult our article here

Note that some users have reported the software being flagged as a virus, we have contacted Sonarworks about this who have assured the installer for the Reference 4 plugin is 100% safe. 

As it appears to be Windows Defender which is incorrectly flagging the plugin’s installer, Sonarworks contacted Microsoft about this who investigated the issue immediately. They have resolved the issue and have assured us the fix will be included in the next Windows Defender update.

1. Log in to your account at the Focusrite website and go to 'My Software' at the top of the page and scroll down to the Sonarworks banner: Screen_Shot_2019-03-05_at_15.19.55.png

Click the link to take you through to the to Sonarworks website:



Make a note of your code and then click the "Download Reference 4" button and run the installer from your downloads folder: 


Select Headphone Edition:


Allow the installer to run:


Note that as part of the installation on Mac OS 10.13 and higher you may see a message about allowing the driver to run. Please follow through this process to get the audio device working.


2. Click Launch Reference to open the Systemwide application and click Enter license: 



Enter your details and the code saved in step 1:







3. To use the plugin go to your DAW of choice and open the Reference 4 plugin (its best to use Reference 4 on the Master channel in your DAW for normal use): 


If you are using Windows and do not see the plugin please try the steps here.

Note that this includes a standalone app which you can use with your system audio, just be sure to select your desired audio device in the settings menu:


This is also covered in the video here.

If you are still having issues after watching the video, then please contact technical support by clicking here.


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