Installing the additional plugins bundled with the Pro Tools First "Focusrite Creative Pack"

The version of Pro Tools First that comes bundled with qualifying Focusrite products includes the following free additional plugins:

Eleven Lite: Focusrite’s exclusive cut-down edition of the Eleven MK II amp simulator

Black Op Distortion: a superb emulation of the Proco RAT pedal

Gray Compressor: delivers the easy dynamics shaping of the Ross Compressor

Five-band Graphic EQ: the perfect partner to Gray Compressor

Flanger: add sweep or shimmer to guitar tracks

Vibe Phaser: maximise the vibe in your tracks

Roto Speaker: add soaring organ tones with classic rotating speaker

Sci-Fi Ring Modulator: mind-bending modulation-based treatment

Vari-Fi: speed up and slow down effects

Studio Reverb: classy algorithmic ambience

Tape Echo: old school delays

InTune: essential digital tuner utility

To install the "Focusrite Creative Pack" plugins bundled with Pro Tools First please follow these steps:

1. Open the Avid Application Manager program (installed at the same time as Pro Tools First).

2. Log into your Avid account.

3. Go to the "Plug-ins" tab.

4. Click "Download" next to the Plug-in(s) you wish to install. Once they've downloaded, click "Install".


5. Once the Plugin is installed the application will display "Current" next to it to indicate that the latest version of that Plugin is installed.


6. Open Pro Tools First. Enter your Avid account login details and then either open an existing or a brand new Session.

7. You can now select your Plugin(s) as Inserts on your tracks.


Please note that these Plugins cannot be used with any DAW software other than Pro Tools.


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