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Re-downloading Past Plugin Collective Offers

Applies to: Customers with registered Focusrite hardware

Here are a couple of frequently asked questions in regards to the Plugin Collective offers.

  • How do I re-download previous Plugin Collective offers onto my new computer?
  • Am I able to redeem a Plugin Collective offer after the time period expired?

Currently, we have a special Holiday Plugin Collective Bundle that includes past AAS (Nov 2018), AudioThing (Feb 2018), Positive Grid (Dec 2017), and D16 (July 2018) plugin offers. So if you missed it, you can redeem these plugins for free in your Focusrite account. 

Further information on the Holiday bundle can be found here:

1. To re-download the March-May 2018 Surfer EQ 2 Boogie offer please go to and login to your account area and click on 'My Downloads'.

2. To re-download the July-September 2018 Eventide Equivocate offer please go to and login to your account, click on 'My Account', go to 'My Products' and make sure your iLok account is linked as Eventide licenses are linked with your iLok account.

3. To re-download the September-November 2018 Bias Amp 2 offer go to and go to your 'Downloads Page' by clicking on the upper right-hand corner icon with your initials. 

* If you missed the Plugin Collective offer after the time period expired, we cannot guarantee that we will have access to spare activation codes, but please create a support ticket to inquire. 














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