Are the Word Clock inputs on Focusrite devices terminated?

Applies to: OctoPre MKII, OctoPre MKII Dynamic, Scarlett OctoPre, Scarlett OctoPre Dynamic, Clarett OctoPre, Liquid Saffire 56, Clarett 8PreX, Red 4Pre, Red 8Pre, Red 16Line, ISA

The word clock inputs on all Focusrite Saffire, Scarlett, Clarett and Red devices (including OctoPres) are terminated so an additional 75-ohm terminating resistor is not required for proper use.

The word clock input on the ISA 2-channel digital card (ISA One + ISA 430) is terminated.

The word clock input on the ISA 8-channel digital card (ISA 428 and ISA 828) is not terminated.

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