Cubase 9.5: Recording audio to tracks

Applies to all Saffire, Scarlett, Clarett and Red Interfaces

Setting up audio tracks for recording to Cubase is very straightforward once your Cubase Studio Setup has been configured. For help with setting up your Focusrite interfaces please use the resources HERE to guide you.

First thing to do in any scenario for recording is to make sure the correct Focusrite interface is selected in the Studio Setup (under the VST Audio System) before building racks in our sessions. This prevents any confusion as to where our signals are routed and coming from.


Once confirmed, the Focusrite Audio interface is ready for recording.


Access the PROJECT menu in the program's Toolbar and select ADD TRACK. If you are working with sources like microphones, guitars, electric pianos, bass or any other acoustic or analog instruments then the AUDIO tracks will be used.


Make sure then to RECORD ENABLE you audio tracks or the signal will not pass to the software. In addition the MONITOR button must be selected as well.


 If you want to add a Count-in before the recording begins, set the Pre-Count Click which is located on the transport


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