Cubase 9.5: Setting up Focusrite interfaces for recording & monitoring

Applies to all Saffire, Scarlett, Clarett and Red Interfaces

Setting up your Focusrite Audio interface in Cubase 9.5 is very similar to older versions of the software, however it is important to keep in mind that some of the MENU titles are different.

In this tutorial we are starting out with use of the Scarlett 2i2 2nd. For all versions of Cubase, input and output configuration will be necessary to ensure an efficient signal path from your Focusrite interface is established.


Go to the Cubase Toolbar and open the STUDIO drop down menu.


Open your STUDIO SETUP and here is where the VST Audio System can be found which is where we set Cubase's IO (Input & Output) to our Focusrite interface.


It’s very important to make sure all of the inputs and outputs for your device are VISIBLE and that they are listed as ACTIVE. If the STATE of the IO setup shows INACTIVE, Cubase will not receive signal from your Focusrite interface. To modify this issue please go back to the STUDIO drop down menu and select AUDIO CONNECTIONS (*Older versions of Cubase will list this as VST Connections).



You can set up the Inputs and Outputs here either by using the options under the PRESETS menu or by manually setting up the routing yourself by using the ADD BUS feature. 

Once this is set your Focusrite Interface is all set up for recording.



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