Will using USB-C with my Clarett USB/Scarlett 3rd Gen make it faster?

Applies To: Clarett USB, Scarlett 3rd Generation

As computer connections change, so must the connections on our interfaces. To keep up with the times our new Clarett USB and Scarlett 3rd Generation interfaces feature a USB C connector but are still USB 2.0 protocol devices. It is important to note this is just for the connection-compatibility and at this time using a USB C to C cable will not make your interface operate faster than a USB C to A as it still a USB 2.0 device. 

Here is a visual reference of the two different connector types:


For more on these interfaces please see the links below:

Clarett 8Pre USB

Clarett 4Pre USB

Clarett 2Pre USB

Scarlett 3rd Generation


If you have any further questions on this please contact our technical support.

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