Connecting Two Clarett 8Pre's via ADAT

Applies To: Clarett 8Pre

To connect two Clarett 8Pre's together via ADAT we must first dedicate one to be the Host unit, and one unit to be the Expansion unit. 

Switch off the 'Host' unit and connect the Expansion unit to the computer directly, open Focusrite Control, and follow these steps:

1. Start in the Device Settings page and set the Sample Rate to what you intend to use. For our example we'll use 48kHz


2. Set the Clock Source to Internal.


3. Confirm that the unit is displaying "Locked".


4. Switch to the Output Routing page and assign the Analogue Inputs to the ADAT Outputs.



5. Disconnect the USB or Thunderbolt of this (Expansion) Clarett 8Pre, leaving it powered on. 

6. Connect the USB or Thunderbolt of the next (Host) Clarett 8Pre and power it on. 

7. Connect your ADAT Out from the Expansion unit to the ADAT In on the Host unit. 

8. Make sure the Sample Rate of this unit matches the Sample Rate you set for the Expansion unit.


9. Set the Clock Source to ADAT.


10. Confirm that the unit is displaying "Locked". This may take a moment


You should now be set to utilize all 16 channels in your DAW. If you have any troubles with this process please Contact Technical Support

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