Some of my Logic Menus don't match the Getting Started Videos or Support Articles

Article applies to: All products. 

You may find when going through some of our getting started videos and help center articles that the menus in Logic that we show don't exactly match up with what you are seeing on your screen. By default, Logic hides some of the more advances features of the program to try and make things more user friendly, however sometimes these features are needed for setting up certain devices. 

You can enable the Logic Pro X Advances Tools through the Preferences menu. To access this menu, please click where it says Logic Pro X in the top right corner next to the Apple icon. Then please go to Preferences and select Advanced Tools:


In this menu you can choose to enable Advanced Tools in Logic, as well as specific Advanced Features relating to different aspects of Logic. For the full experience you will want to choose Enable All in the bottom of the window:


If you find yourself going through menus in Logic trying to set up one of our products and are unable to find the specific menu you are looking for after enabling Advanced Tools and Additional Options then please contact Technical Support.

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