Installing and Activating Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS)

Applies to: RedNet Range (Excluding the RedNet PCIe Card, RedNet PCIeR Card)

First, login to your Focusrite account. Scroll down to the picture of your RedNet product and click on “Downloads and Activation Codes”

Navigate to where it says Dante Virtual Soundcard and locate the Token Code (See screenshot below). This Token Code will be used to redeem your Audinate Activation Code.

Next, follow the ‘Click here’ link to the right of your Token Code. This will take you to the Dante Virtual Soundcard webpage.

Link to Dante Virtual Soundcard webpage

Create an account with Audinate by clicking the ‘Register’ button shown at the top right, or ‘Log in’ if you already have an account.

To download Dante Virtual Soundcard, navigate to the Download section of this webpage on the bottom right (See screenshot below).

Select your operating system and click on the red button ‘Dante Virtual Soundcard’ and your download will be available on the next page. Download the file and run through the install process.

After you have installed DVS, go back to the Dante Virtual Soundcard webpage and click the ‘Redeem Token’ button located on the bottom right of the webpage (See previous screenshot).

On the next page, please enter your Token Code into the ‘Token’ field and click ‘Submit.’

This will generate the Audinate Activation Code you will use to activate Dante Virtual Soundcard. (Shown under “License ID” see screenshot below).


Then, open up Dante Virtual Soundcard. Under the Licensing tab, enter this license ID and click Activate.

You have now successfully activated Dante Virtual Soundcard!

To get started with DVS, open it up and go to the Settings tab (Screenshot below). Here you can select the number of available audio channels, dante latency, and your network interface. The network interface represents which Ethernet port you will be using if your computer has more than one.

On Windows systems, you will have the option to use DVS in ASIO or WDM mode.

 Click ‘Start’ to start DVS. Then, you will be able to select DVS as your default playback device.

 Mac: System Preferences > Sound > Output > Select DVS as the device

 Windows: Control Panel > Sound > Playback > Select DVS as the device

If you encounter any problems following the above instructions then please contact Technical Support


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