Clarett USB + Scarlett | Thunderbolt 3 port incompatibilities

Applies to: Clarett USB range, Scarlett Range

During the testing phase of our Clarett USB range, we became aware of a compatibility issue on the following machines: 

  • ASUS Zenbook N501VW: i7 6th Generation
  • Dell XPS 13: i5 7th Generation

This issue correlates with similar compatibility issues found on the same machines during our driver testing for Thunderbolt™ 3, also over Type-C connectivity and we have notified the 3rd party PC companies in an effort to gain more information on the cause of the issue which we hope we can resolve in the future. 

If you have one of the machines mentioned above, we recommend that you connect your Clarett USB or Scarlett interface to a USB A or a USB-C port that does NOT have Thunderbolt capabilities on your computer.

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