Changing the sample rate of bus powered 2nd Gen Scarlett interface

Applies to: Scarlett Solo/2i2/2i4

The following information explains how to change the sample rate of a Scarlett Solo/2i2/2i4 2nd Gen Scarlett audio interface. If working within a piece of recording software (Ableton, Pro Tools, Cubase etc), you will find that the sample rate can be set with the project's settings. 

If working outside a piece of recording software, for example using WDM applications; 


  • On Windows 7/8,8.1/9/10; open the dedicated ASIO Control Panel by going 'Start' > search for 'ASIO Control Panel' > open this. The sample rate can be changed here.



  • On Mac operating systems; open Audio MIDI Setup. The sample rate can be changed here. 



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