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BIAS FX LE - November Plug In Collective Activation


This article will take you through the steps of activating the BIAS FX LE November Plug In Collective offer.  

1) Register for an account with Positive Grid

Please go to this link: and make an account with your email address.

- Click the icon in the top right shown in yellow below

Then, click 'Sign Up?' at the bottom of the screen that pops up (shown below)

Then, complete your details in the window that pops up and hit 'Sign Up' (shown below)

2) Redeem BIAS FX Desktop code

Firstly, please go to the account that you have registered your products in at This is where you find your code (see below)

Now, please navigate to: and enter the code from your account, ensuring that you are logged in

PLEASE NOTE: the 3 lines in the top right indicate that you are logged in. If you aren't logged in, this will display a button to click for you to sign in.

3) Download BIAS FX Demo

You will now be presented with this screen

Please select TRY DEMO and download the installer by clicking the button shown below. This detects what system you are on (Windows or Mac) and automatically selects the right installer.

4) Run the installer, and install BIAS FX

As you can see from the installer, there are 2 versions of BIAS FX, a plug in version and an app version.

The app version is a standalone app, so you do not need to have a piece of recording software (Cubase, Ableton etc.) open to run it, the app will run on its own.

The plugin version only works inside a piece of recording software as a plug in, and will not open outside of software

If you like, you can install both, or just one, this is totally up to you.


5) 'Upgrade' to activate your version of BIAS FX 

Once installed, please open whichever version you downloaded

If you installed the app version, then the BIAS FX app will be installed on your computer.

If you installed the plug in version, please open your recording software (restart if it was already open) and go to your plug ins, and BIAS FX will be there.

When you open it, you will see this screen:

Please click 'Upgrade' in the top right of the above screenshot, and you will see a pop up (below)

Please click 'LOGIN TO ACTIVATE' and enter your information. You will then see the a pop up (below)

You have now successfully activated BIAS FX LE, which is the special edition of BIAS FX especially for the plug in collective offer.

You can confirm the license status by navigating to Settings > App Information:

If you're having issues with BIAS FX you can contact Positive Grid on



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