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Recording a guitar/bass guitar with the Scarlett Solo.

Whilst the 2nd input on the Scarlett Solo interface can be set to accommodate any Instrument or Line level signal, we often find that Scarlett Solo owners use this input to record an electric or bass guitar. 

If you are having some trouble getting your D.A.W (recording software) to record this signal, it is likely to be becuase the track you are recording on to is set to record off the 1st input of the Scarlett Solo, rather than the 2nd (which is where your guitar will be plugged into).

By default, audio tracks will be set to record off input 1. The following screenshots show how to select a track to record off input 2;









PreSonus StudioOne








For further information on recording guitar please see our Focusrite Academy series: 


Please get in touch with our Technical Support team should you encounter any issues with this.


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