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My Scarlett 1st Gen will not appear work on Windows PC after installing Scarlett 2nd Gen USB driver 4.x

This applies to: Scarlett 1st Generation 


Please note that you if use a Scarlett 1st Generation (serial prefix Sxxxxxxxxxxx or Txxxxxxxxxxx), but have accidentally installed the Scarlett 2nd Generation driver (version 4.x), your Scarlett 1st Gen interface may not appear correctly connected to your computer, it's unlikely to work correctly in this way.

For those using Solo, 2i2 or 2i4 units, the easiest way to ensure that this is not the case is to navigate to Control Panel -> Programs & Features and uninstall all instances of Focusrite USB driver.  Once you have uninstalled all instances and versions of the driver, install the following release of our Scarlett 1st Gen driver version 2.5.1:

Windows : Focusrite USB 2 Driver-2.5.1 exe


Please note that if you're using a Scarlett 1st Gen 6i6, 18i8 or 18i20 (serial prefix Sxxxxxxxxxxx), then again, if you have installed the 2nd Gen software (Focusrite Control), then this will have installed the incorrect driver too. Again, we would suggest uninstalling Focusrite Control and all instances of Focusrite software via Control Panel -> Programs & Features, and once done, install Scarlett Mix Control from here:

Scarlett Mix Control 1.8 exe (Windows)

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