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Scarlett 6i6, 18i8, 18i20 input & output routing not working correctly when first connecting interface to computer

Applies to: Scarlett 2nd gen (6i6, 18i8 & 18i20 only)

Out of the box, with no Focusrite Control software installed, your Scarlett 6i6, 18i8, 18i20 is designed to allow basic connectivity in the form of Inputs 1 & 2, as well as system playback, being routed to Outputs 1 & 2 and headphone output 1.

To unlock the full routing potential of your Scarlett 2nd generation 6i6, 18i8 or 18i20 unit, please ensure that you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Focusrite Control from the relevant Scarlett product download page HERE .

Once you open Focusrite Control for the first time, it will trigger a firmware update for your Scarlett which will make all features and routing options available to you via Focusrite Control.

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