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Using Pro Tools | First alongside other DAW software - Windows Only

If you have not already, please see the accompanying article to this HERE

This article relates to Scarlett 2nd Gen users only (serial prefix Vxxxxxxxxxxx or Wxxxxxxxxxxx).

Please note that the Scarlett 2nd Gen Windows driver specified in the above accompanying article is specifically optimised for use with Pro Tools | First. If you wish to use any other DAW exclusively (i.e. NOT use Pro Tools | First), please download and use the driver listed in your user account under 'Downloads and Activation Codes'. Alternatively you can obtain this driver without logging into your account by selecting your product in the Downloads section of our site.

 If you wish to run multiple DAWs on your Windows PC, including Pro Tools | First, you can use the PTF optimised USB driver version outlined in the above mentioned accompanying article, however you will experience the following behaviour:

You many find high CPU usage at the following settings:

44.1khz: 64 and 128

88.2khz: 128 and 256

176.4khz: 256 and 512

If this disrupts your audio, causing glitches and pops, please try a different buffer size.

Please note, this article is for Windows users only, Mac users will not encounter the above behaviour.

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