Using Scarlett 2nd Gen with Pro Tools | First - Windows Only

Applies to: Scarlett 2nd Gen

Congratulations on purchasing your Scarlett 2nd Gen interface.

With earlier versions of Pro Tools First we had a separate driver for the Scarlett Range that was optimised purely for use with Pro Tools First. Since the release of Pro Tools First 12.8.2 this driver is no longer necessary and you can use the current release driver for your interface instead.

You can obtain the current release driver either by logging into your account and clicking 'Downloads and Activation Codes' underneath your product, or by selecting your Scarlett from the dropdown list in the Downloads section of our website and downloading and installing the latest driver from there.

If the version of Pro Tools First that you're using is earlier than version 12.8.2, you can update to the latest version by either:

- Opening the Avid Application Manager (Start/Windows icon > All applications > Avid > Avid Application Manager), then signing in to your Avid account and updating from the 'Apps' tab.

- Logging into your Avid account then going to 'My Products and Subscriptions' and re-downloading the latest version of Pro Tools First, then installing it.

If you encounter any problems then our Technical Support team can be contacted via the contact page of our website.

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