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Using Scarlett 2nd Gen with Pro Tools | First - Windows Only

Applies to: Scarlett 2nd Gen

Congratulations on purchasing your Scarlett 2nd Gen interface.

As a Windows user, if you intend on using your 2nd Gen Scarlett with the free 'Pro Tools | First' software that we have included within your Focusrite account, please note the following information that will help you run your recording session smoothly.

In order to run your Scarlett 2nd Gen interface with Pro Tools | First, it's recommended that you download and install a specific USB driver different to that which is listed within your Focusrite account, this alternative driver is found as an attachment at the bottom of this article.

Known Issues:

  • Buffer sizes below those supported in 'Pro Tools | First' (e.g. 16 & 32 samples) causes glitches.

Pro Tools | First is only supported with the following setting combinations:

44kHz & 48kHz with a buffer size of 64 samples or greater
88.2kHz & 96kHz with a buffer size of 128 samples or greater
176.4kHz & 192kHz with a buffer size of 256 samples or greater

  •  Creating a project and changing between certain sample rate combinations causes no audio in Pro Tools.

Changing between:
44.1 to 48kHz
88.2 to 96kHz.  

Changing between other combinations of sample rates is fine.

If you intend to use this driver with Pro Tools | First as well as other DAWs, please see the following article HERE

Please note that the above article is for Windows users only, Mac users will not encounter the above behaviour. 

Experiencing an AAE Error -6117?

If you should experience any issues with the 'AAE Error -6117' notification when starting Pro Tools | First, please see the article here.

Need further help? 

If needed, our Technical Support team can be contacted via the contact page of our website. 

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