What is the Pro Tools|First Focusrite Creative Pack?

Applies to: Scarlett range (2nd generation only)

 The Pro Tools|First Focusrite Creative Pack is a unique collection of 12 plug ins which is only available to 2nd Generation Scarlett customers.

The Pack includes:

Eleven Lite


Vibe Phaser



Graphic EQ

Black Op Distortion


Roto Speaker

Tape Echo

Studio Reverb

Gray Compressor

Black Shiny Wah

Black Spring Reverb

C1 Chorus

Green JRC Overdrive

Orange Phaser

Tri Knob Fuzz

White Boost

BBD Delay

Xpand!2 is also bundled with Pro Tools|First, giving you even more ability to add quality sounds and instruments to your recordings.

Pro Tools|First 2018 additionally includes UVI Workstation 3, a multi-timbral sampler and also the Plugsound Avid edition sample library.

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