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What to Do if a Firmware Update in RedNet Control Does Not Complete

Applies to: RedNet

Occasionally the firmware update process in RedNet Control may get stuck.  If this happens, your RedNet devices can be manually updated by following these steps:

1. Download the appropriate firmware for your RedNet device from the links below
2. Download Dante Firmware Update Manager:
3. Install and run Dante Firmware Update Manager
4. Select the network interface used for Dante connections and press next
5. Ensure all relevant Dante devices are powered up. We recommend powering down all devices that do not require this update.
6. Click “Update Dante Firmware”
7. Click “Browse” and navigate to the firmware you downloaded
8. Tick the box(es) on the left for the device(s) you need to update and click “Start”
9. The firmware update(s) will now be performed. When the update(s) are complete, a message will be displayed. Click “OK” and power cycle the devices (if the device is the RedNet PCIe card, you will need to restart the computer and if the card is in a PCIe chassis, power cycle the PCIe chassis)

Below are the firmware files to use.  Please note that the firmware is specific to the Dante module that your RedNet device is built upon.  If you are unsure which module is in your RedNet device, please go to the Status tab of the Device View in Dante Controller where you will see it listed as the 'Model: ' in the Dante Information area of the window.

For Brooklyn: rednetfw.dnt

For Brooklyn II: bkn2rednetfw.dnt

For PCIe: pciefw.dnt

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